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It's hard to put a price tag on volunteers, but if you had to, it adds up to big bucks at one local hospital. Prepping a hospital room on this day is one of many things Arthur Chika does as a volunteer at Angel Medical Center in Franklin.  The nurses need help. They can't do everything," Chika said. "Some of the small less important things -- like bringing somebody food or bringing them a cup of coffee, we do it to save the nurses time and let them tend to more important things. "We have lot of people who volunteer for us who have no hospital experience at all, but they have a real heart for patients and the hospital," HR Director Teresa Mallonee said.

A bell often rings at the Cancer Center at Angel Medical in Franklin. Three rings of the bell by breast cancer survivor Laura Vargas marks the end of her infusions at Angel Medical in Franklin. "It is a celebration when you make it through, the chemotherapy treatment in particular," Laura said. "For patients who go through chemotherapy, it is a long process and they spend many days, many hours in the chemo chairs getting treatment," Director of outpatient services Vicki Lynn said. "They go home and they don't feel well and they have to come back and do it all over again." Watching his mom suffer inspired 14-year-old Michael to design a cancer-fighting robot that was printed on T-shirts sold in the community.

There is a new way for some employees to see a doctor without losing significant pay and at the same time, the employer maintains productivity.  Watch the WLOS News 13 health alert here

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Feb. 9, 2015) – Mission Health is pleased to announce the addition of Betty Anne Mincey, MD to Angel Primary Care. Dr. Mincey joins Angel Primary Care from IPC – The Hospitalist Company where she served as a hospitalist for Community Hospice of Northeast Florida’s inpatient facilities in Jacksonville, Florida. 

“We are pleased to have Dr. Mincey join the team of exceptional providers at Angel Primary Care,” said Jim Bross, President, Angel Medical Center. “Communities such as Franklin are in need of more primary care physicians.  Dr. Mincey will be a valuable asset to the community and will help fill that need.”

Having a heart procedure can be scary, and getting back into life afterward often comes with apprehension and questions. One local doctor makes time to be there at a critical place. A person that's already had a heart attack is at the highest risk for another heart attack, which is why family physician Kit Helm volunteers so much time with patients at Cardiac Rehab at Angel Medical Center in Franklin. Click here to watch the WLOS health alert.